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Frequently Asked Questions

Most commonly you might ask these questions on NamePearls:

Q1: How Can I Get a Set Of Unregistered Brandable Domain Names?

Ans: We serve B2B domain name service via Fiverr Gig. You can get your domain names through Fiverr while you have an account there or willing to open one. Our Fiverr response rate 100%, delivered on time 100%, order completion record 100%.

There are three Gig packages: Basic (Name suggestion+single nation TM availability checking) for 5 names, Standard (Basic all+ single network social availability checking) for 7 names, and Premium (standard all+ logo color suggestion+ branding plan outline suggestion) for 9 names. We deliver within 3, 4 and 5 days respectively.

So, if you have a serious requirement, whether B2B or B2C domain name, you might contact here for reply ASAP. 

Q2: How NamePearls Can Help Get Domain Transferred us?

Ans: When we come to know you already bought the domain name, as the owner, we will help to the NameCheap or Sedo authority to get approved the delivery.

If you go through the link from NamePearls, it will automatically guide you to take action in NameCheap for finishing the buying process. Then, the terms of the sales and transfer process will apply according to Namecheap's policy. The process is so simple though, you might contact their sophisticated helpline could able to get every solution promptly.

Same way, you might find any of the preferred domain name here in the Sedo marketplace as well. You can approach your buy there following their ways. 

Q3: Can I Discuss A Domain Price?

Ans: Yes, you have a chance to bargain about it. NamePearls or Sedo could help you with price negotiation before or after the "Make Offer" action. But the deal must be attempt through the process of the marketplace.

Q4: What is the Payment Method on the Offers?

Ans: The domain names on the NamePearls is quite an extra leverage to promote our own handy generated offers from Namecheap marketplace. We showcase the domain names here externally to focus on our works beside our other services.

When you'll click on the action button, all you'll be driven to the Namecheap. So, the payment method on the offers must be carried out by the terms and conditions of NameCheap. Namecheap is trusted and reliable for all parties.

Alternatively, you might find the same offers in Sedo marketplace as well.

Q5: Whether NamePearls Domains Are TM Issue Free?

Ans: The domains from NamePearls are quite appropriate for all sorts of industries in any geo-location around the world. Trademark (TM) issue is associated only with protecting a brand name in a definitive industry in a particular geo-location.

Since there are thousands of industries and geo-locations lie around the globe, you have enough likelihood to take a name wouldn't go against others TM. It will consume a few minutes to check through the web for removing your cloudy confusion over a potential domain name.

In that context, NamePearls could provide you adequate service you might go through here for the specific domain name on your particular geo-location.

More questions? Please, contact us.