Time to Take 30-Day SEO Learning Challenge to the Next Pro Level!

A Cohort-based 3-on-1 Beginners SEO Learning Course. 

[Also, negotiable if someone want to enroll 1-on-1 Beginners SEO Pvt Learning Course.]

Swapan CS

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I'm with SEO today since 2012, and successful affiliate with SEMrush, SE Ranking, and Mangools companies for SaaS or SEO product selling via my tech blogging site. And still growing my sales for recurring commissions. Also, acquiring pretty experience with Amazon, Impact, and ClickBank marketplaces including gig selling in the Fiverr market. Gvt. ICT Division registered freelancer. Besides SEO, I've a large number of Social Media followers (40K+) around the profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Quora, Medium, and other platforms that help me to acquire social signals for increased benefits from content marketing influence and social authority. Before getting entry into the IT industry in whole swing, I was involved in the commerce & industrial import industry over 10 years (2004 - 2014), and Ex Member of BIAA. I'm graduate from BAU in Agril-economics, and post graduate in Agril-marketing. My first SEO mentor was Helaluzzaman Aayon, Uttara, Dhaka in 2012, and first Email Marketing mentor was Palash bhai, DevSteam, Dhaka in 2014. Since then, yet I'm an avid learner and it is my habitual normalcy now. 

What Is All About The Cohort Based 

3-on-1 Hybrid SEO Coaching Program?

The 3-on-1 coaching program is designed for the newbie SEO learners considering their core demand how to deliver directions that they get impactful learning experience.

The Course Briefing in 10 Points: 

01. The program spirit  of 3-on-1 Hybrid SEO Coaching Program is "30 Day SEO Learning Challenge".

02. The coaching is cohort based learning method that will include only 3 learners in each batch.  

03. Limited number of seats, total of 9 learners could enroll in the face2face coaching program for June batch following first-come, first-enrolled.

04. Weekly 2 Classes will be held, total 8 classes for 30-days. And each class will continue max 2:00 hours, total 16 hours program.  

05. Each of the classes will include provide you a sure-fire to-do video watching assignment which will take your 1 - 4 hours to learn repeatedly at your convenient time. Based on each of this watch and learning experience you'll make your core questions to ask me for recovery in the Fb group plus next class too. The Fb Group will be available round the clock for 60 days. So that earlier tutorial questions consume minimal time in the next class.  

06. Fb Group culture will include Q&A as well as MCQ Quiz to brainstorm on the SEO curves for quick grasping and impactful learning.

07. The SEO program will start from Nameserver (TLD-SLD) to SEO Basics such as On-page, Off-page and Technical SEO. Also include, Google Updates, WordPress usage, Social platforms, Small Business SEO, Agency SEO, eCommerce SEO, Growth Hacking Startup SEO, SEO in B2B, Affiliate Marketing SEO and so on.

08. You will be familiar with latest patterns of SEO usage with the multifold spaces in the Search Engine Result Page. And will know how it is evolving with the users behavior and device changes.

09. The aim of SEO is not only about ranking either, it is importantly a visibility management today because of it's diversified features (like #08). So, the coaching program is designed to show you the ways that hone your ability to drive any kind business traffic including affiliate marketing as well.  

10. Your English language foundation, ability to express your thoughts in writing, listening others' thought, and transforming multi-thoughts into a new content will matter to dominate in the SEO Industry. Also, your intuitive mindset over curious passion could help you achieve the SEO clarity faster and win the SEO learning challenge in 30 days.    

What Are The Goals with SEO That You Could Learn From?

An opportunity to challenge yourself with the "30 Day SEO Learning Challenge" program which is a big push,  hybrid, and compelling learning way for achieving a concrete DIY SEO goal cultivating your ability.

The Goals of the Course: 

Bringing a SEO clarity on your own so you could resolve the tough move into a pleasant SEO journey. This is the foremost goal to direct you to the topnotch SEO careers. Here are the options the course will show you the ways for easy to proceed on your own:

(1) SEO Business (such as SEO or Digital Agency, In-house SEO, SEO Consultancy, and so on),

(2) SEO Implementing in Own Business (such as eCommerce, Startup, Small Business, B2B agency, and so on)

(3) Affiliate Marketing (Individual Vendors and Market Places)

(4) SEO Jobs in The Pvt. Companies. And,

(5) Freelancing in the Gig Marketplaces.

What is Your Expected Qualification To Match The Cohorts and Others. 

Cohort-based Quality:

The cohort means a group of students who have equal ability to grasp the learning things.  So, here are the three tiny cohorts, invited you to get into any one :  


Batch/Cohort 1: 

English medium background, varsity or college students (ex or present), and newbie in SEO.

Batch/Cohort 2:

Minimum undergraduate students, and on SEO learning for 1 year or less.

Batch/Cohort 3: 

Min undergraduate, learning SEO for 1+ year, and seeks advanced clarity.

Notable that you have chance to arrange your own cohort with your classmates or similar others. It is crucial to keep equalized the cohort triangle so each of the learners get maximum benefits from brainstorming discussion.

Connectivity & Other Qualities: 

  1. Learners must have a laptop with internet connection on go,
  2. Well familiar about a website and its content, 
  3. Have an experience in using search engines, 
  4. Have minimal ability to understand business, 
  5. Ability to speak English - at least moderately, 
  6. Can write thoughts what's on own mind, 
  7. Have a clarity regarding the connecting world today, 
  8. And most importantly, hungry to learn the SEO that works for a various businesses that deserves visibility rather than quick ranking for money.
  9. You are humble, sincere, serious, and cooperative. Further violation is unexpected. Expected to find future thought leaders.

Enrollment Process

Initially you will be assessed based on your provided information to match the cohort. Whole it gets finished, you will be requested to complete the fee payment and confirmation. Then you'll find complete schedule to start the learning mission immediately. 

Coach's Location

Office Space, DIT Road, Rampura, Dhaka City Only. The learners' best convenient location might be from Badda to Malibagh, and Banashree to Madhubagh, including East West University Students, Dhaka City.

Tentative Coach's Schedule

Batch-1, Class: Friday & Tuesday (3 -5 PM)
Batch-2, Class: Saturday & Wednesday (3 -5 PM)
Batch-3, Class: Monday & Thursday (3 -5 PM)

Coach's Fee: Negotiable

  What is The Key To Success in The Course?

Following the directions in the class will be the key place to improve skill. Because mentor-learners intensive interaction matters. A tutorial video will be provided after each class to be consumed plus digested by learners for the next class. It wouldn't be difficult to actualize the learning to achieve the goal by roasting all SEO materials IN TIME. The process is to do the exact things over and over again, at least until you achieve the initial SEO clarity.

What If Someone Fails To Grasp The Whole? 

Although it will be unexpected, if someone fails to resolve the "30 Day SEO Learning Challenge" and can't reach the goal, I will add one more remedy class as per negotiation. Also, the remedial Q&A will be provided in the private Fb SEO group up to next month as well. 

What Will be Your Self-evaluation on The Three Crucial Events: 

What You’ll Do Before the SEO Challenge

We'd love to get your authentic state re: SEO, and how to set your mind for the challenge.  

What Happens During the Challenge

What's going to happen during the coaching? What are the benefits you will keep getting?

What Changes After the Challenge

An authentic feedback and final assessment will show the state for futuristic go forever.  

Note" We'd like to ask your feedback whether your sincere assessment shows the expected state you desired. And what is your skill gap yet, why, and how to mitigate immediately extending your challenge on your own. In that regard, a Fb group will be kept open with Q&A for additional one month.  

Why is Cohort Based 3-on-1 Hybrid Coaching An Impactful SEO Learning Model? 

What Is Cohort-based Learning (That This Coaching Will Follow)?

The cohort-based study is a collaborative learning style where a group of learners get engaged for progression. Whether online or off-line classroom, a group that includes the students whereas each of them have equal ability to grasp the lesions. 

And each member in the group can produce ideal respond on the learning curves that make sense for all members to realize them equally. No one could stay lagged behind either. It is being used popularly breaking the traditional methods in the famous universities including Harvard, and got advanced outcome among the students.

In my program, as a tiny cohort, 3-on-1 coaching will include three learners is an intensive minimal group to draw highest attention that will transform the learning ability into a creative flow of betterment. 

What Is A Hybrid Coaching (That This Program Will Include)?

It refers to a coaching program that includes an well organized curriculum with diversified learning components. In this coaching program, the major components are:

(1) Intensive Classes: 8 Classes, 2 hours each, total 16 hours Coaching.  

(2) Tutorials: 8 Tutorials, 1-4 hours each, each 1 will be provided after the consequent classes.  

(3) MCQ Quiz: Min 8 Quiz Set, A Thought Provoking way to brainstorm.   

(4) Q&A: Open for anytime in the group including classes.

That are all in one single coaching program, which is going to be introduced for your transitional and  transformational changes in learning process for easily grasping as much as possible within a short span of time.     

Training Vs. Coaching: Is It A Combo of Both ?

Yes, this learning model is a superior combo that includes both virtual training and Face2face Coaching. Training for knowledge plus futuristic coaching for latest information could leverage learners to understand their transitional and transformational move towards the goals. 

Take a look and realize the difference between Training Vs. Coaching: 


1. Training is a traditional way to teach and provide knowledge or skill without targeting a goal.  

2. Training takes a short timeframe. 

3. Training follows seminar style. 

4. It doesn't emphasizes on new information.

5. Role as a college professor does.

6. It is a result oriented, creates manager.

7. Training has 20% role of ROI in the economy 


1. Coaching provides more than knowledge, brings excellence for challenging the goal to achieve.   

2. A coaching take a little longer than training.

3. A coaching is a Face2Face style.

4. It emphasizes on new information. 

5. Role as a college batch ball coach does.

6. It's goal oriented, creates leader.

7. Coaching has 80% role of ROI in the economy. 

Why Is It An Impactful Model?

Since cohort-based learning is a proven fact in terms of success, and hybrid components are highly productive in terms of compelling and engaging points. Also, the tutorial resources have impactful utility to gather highest knowledge learning repeatedly if need.

Also, the 3-on-1 cohort will be lethal against procrastination. As a result, learners could able to pay quality attention in the course consumption. This advantage could play an impactful role in the triangle's learning process.   

Besides, training : coaching = 20:80 role shows the power of this model compared to virtual any seminars for any skill learning.  So, I say this SEO learning combo model will be much impactful for the newbies. 

Why You Should (or Shouldn't) Take Part in This New Way Of SEO Learning Opportunity? 

No cognitive reasons you miss this opportunity while you find the match. Because it's a big push learning, but compelling and interactive method with the available material support to build your SEO ladder to reach the moon. There's no single corporate type of business online that is not prioritizing SEO in their marketing plan, because business has only two parts - marketing and innovation. And SEO shares the lion part of the online marketing to meet the strategic goal. So, ...

You should go since you realize SEO has a superior future. And it is an ultimate Jet engine today in the marketing arena compared to any typical marketing vehicles (such as PPC Ads, Direct Marketing, SMM, and so on)  that about all business need SEO to drive organic traffic and customers.    

You shouldn't go with this course, since you don't have significant basics of English which is foremost condition, inconvenient to get internet connectivity with specific device as required, hesitant about the model that could give you expected result, or you have better alternatives, and so on.  

Wrap-up with disclaimer

In fact, there is no "success" or "failure" terms in the SEO learning dictionary. It's a continuous process to 'level up' so you can meet the goal you that pre-designed in your mindset. Here, the 30-day SEO learning challenge is an ultimate metaphoric force to fuel you that enhances your ability to play the SEO in the spirit of the SEO. So that you can reach the no-gravity zone asap whereas you've no chance to fall into "impossible".

So, if there is an issue that arises from you after finishing the course, that will be job at your end,  mentor wouldn't be responsible to any reactive offence. While you agree or recognize that SEO learning fact, and you feel you need a coach to launch your SEO journey with well begun, then you may take part in the "30 Day SEO Learning Challenge" mission. 

So, now it is your turn... 

What Are You Waiting For?

Let’s  Collaborate You Build An Ultra Valued SEO Skill, and Supercharge Your SEO Ability to The Pro Level!