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How To Perform Your Blogging Success on A Profitable Niche

Blogging success is the ultimate creative challenge for a new blogger today. Because, the web is hugely competitive and crowded with millions of bloggers, since every day being posted 7.5 million blog posts for the audience.

According to the same source of newest data 2021, about 3% of the bloggers only post daily basis regularly.

About every blogging, whether it's your new small business store or affiliate marketing, you must need to carry on a clear area map of your content generation. That is called niche.

The definitive virtual niche will define your imaginary area of content in the blog around your product or service deals.

That's why blogging success with a particular niche is completely a deep strategic continuous process. It belongs to an appropriate blogging model around the niche which conceives a profound set of atomic actions.

niche blog success

However, let us draw the simple ways how you can design your success model for niche blogging.

So that blogging can generate passive income from an affiliate or even active earning from your store blogging regularly.

Blogging Success With A Profitable Niche 

Here are three major steps on your potential journey with a niche blog:

   (A) Configure your Blogging Niche
   (B) Choose your Blogging Model, and
   (C) Execute Your Blogging Success

While you're new or on a new blog plan, take the high ticket blogging model as your ultimate challenge over your success goal. Your adequate learning process and doing activities towards the objectives could help you.

So, let's go through the process of thrice tunnel for actionable blogging indications which can able to create high-profit income:

 A. Configure Your Blogging Niche

How you got your niche that matters on your blogging success confidence. Let's define your niche whether you followed the below features:

1. Evergreen feature

The niche has the power to influence people through your offer over the years. It allows your deal around the products or services has always about equal demand in the market.

2. Profitable Niche

Make sure the area is highly potential to harvest profit. A profitable niche allows the product or services has a significant margin of commission or profit with the normal market demand.

3. Big concern or emotion

Discover the product niche that is associated with life, problem, and concern. For instance, health and wealth niche allow this feature people always seek for better living and existence.

4. Capable to solve the problem

Make sure your niche includes the core solution model over the concern or emotion around the problem. And also you are capable to meet the goal.

5. Enough Creative Curves

You know the new curves have enough potential to generate valuable content for attracting an audience and converting them into customers circles. The creative curves are sweet points for the blog.

6. Ongoing increased demand

This is the foremost and first considerable feature to decide a niche. Let you know the products or services under the niche are already running in the market with predictable increased demand.

7. High-priced products

The value of high-paying products leads to a high commission margin. Let your niche includes the products that have this feature for high profitability.

8. Low competitive but not too low

Make sure, the area of the product is being engaged by a small number of competitors. Although it's a critical factor by your ability.

But as you're a beginner, it's a crucial factor in terms of linear opportunity to get ranked on the SERP for SEO benefits.

9. Skillset gets embraced

Make sure that you and your product both have the natural ability to match your skillset. You shouldn't go with the heavy curves of the niche that deserves a critical solution. So, take your problematic niche which is soluble within your range.

10. You love this niche

You feel the whole-hearted area of the topics has the power to draw your curious attention and empathetic love to invest your precious passion on it. It will help you harness your intelligence with emotion for accelerating your blogging success.

Then, let your blogging niched be configured with the specific type(s) following the below list:

(a) High Ticket or low ticket niche
(b) Seasonal or evergreen niche
(c) Digital or physical niche
(d) Global or Local niche
(e) Micro or Macro Niche, and so on.

Here are some of the examples of Macro to Micro niche ideas. You can derive your preferable any micro-niche from the broad form of the popular one.

     Broad niche

Micro niche

     Fashion Blogs

Kids Fashion

     Food Blogs


     Travel Blogs

Travelling safety and security

     Music Blogs

Pop music

     Lifestyle Blogs


     Fitness Blogs

Diet control

     DIY Blogs

Home development

     Sports Blogs



Dating & Romance

     Health and Wellness

Immune health

     Digital Products

eLearning or tutorial, and so on

 Accordingly, let your niche be finally based on your apex choice set. Now, let you jump on the blogging model following your best one.

 B. Choose Your Blogging Model

Your competence over niche profitability matters by blogging model as well. Use your caliber to decide on your great blogging model. Reshape your model with the significant types you deserve here:

1. Personal blog or Business blog

A personal blog contains a person's own opinion, interest, curiosity, passion, and so on.

It doesn't carry on commercial aim rather personal communication with the like-minds who follow the same ideation. But in case, this sort of blog might be mixed form with other types of blog.

On the other hand, a business blog has the best ways to show powerful knowledge for problem solutions. It aims to grow useful content for business purposes and monetize the knowledge for a particular solution.

2. Niche Blog or Affiliate blog

Niche blog refers to a virtual level broad area of the subject which helps the bloggers to create adequate content accordingly. A niche blog might be an area to promote own product or others' product as well.

Besides, an affiliate blog allows generating content and content marketing in the blog for others' products. Here 'others' products mean vendor goods or services.

Although all blogs are affiliate blogs while monetizing vendors' products, while go monetize your product then it becomes an absolute niche blog.

So, decide blog type with a small business niche while you own a product or service. Or pick out an affiliate blog while product from vendors or others.

3. Authority Blog or Guest post allowed blog

An authority blog refers to creating reliable info content on a specific niche.

 In that role of authority blogging, all you need is to create content regularly, consistently, and patiently with trustworthy expertise. Your job will make you a great author in the blogging industry.

On the other hand, a guest post means a blog requires guest articles. While the owner of a blog allows other bloggers to post in the blog on relevant topics is called a guest-post allowed blog.

4. News blog or Magazine blog

News blog or journalism emphasizes current news, activities, thoughts, information, events, and interesting happenings recently. A news blog consists of more than one post in the blog daily.

On the other hand, while the same things go posted weekly or bi-weekly following a fixed calendar date is called magazine blog.

5. Physical product or digital product blog

Decide whether your blogging niche consists of a product or service is a physical product or info-product.

Both products have different blogging features and commission rates. In general, info-product or software price is much higher and rich margin of commission than physical goods.

6. Review blog or Solution based blog

Also, make sure whether your blog is a review-based blog or solution (tips) based problem analysis blog.

In most cases, review blogs run with expert analysis that reveals the unbiased state of the pros and cons of the product or service. But the problem or issue-based blogs are used to create list posts for the solution.

success on blogging

Then, what's next? While you're ready with the specific form of your blog, let's jump into the success plan of your blogging model.

 C. Execute Your Blogging Success

While you have got your blogging model ready, now it's time to play your hybrid role for blogging success. In the meantime, as you got familiar with your blogging model, now you can imagine what kind of content you will need to produce in your blog.

Here are seven roles you'll need to carry on:

1. Learn the Skill Gaps around Your Niche

Can you identify what are gaps or pitfalls remain in your blogging skill set? Here're the steps you'll follow for resolving:

1.1. Skills in creating product or service

Before starting a blog, make sure you're a competitive skill set on your product or services. The workable product might be physical or digital, but it has huge potential to market around the web or target specific demography or geolocation.

In terms of product skill, all your need to assure through resourceful training available on the web or local institutions.

1.2. Ability to collect vendors product

While you'd like to conduct affiliate marketing, you'll need to go with others' product monetization. Let you be capable to deal with products from significant vendors.

Also, get ready with the approaches to how the deals are being processed. Use adequate sources on the web, as usual, influencers are doing best in this regard.

1.3. The skills on blogging and marketing

You have the product or service that will be promoted using hybrid technology on the web.

Then, it's crucial to make you familiar with the WordPress CMS or blog management, UI, UX, security issues, quality development efforts, and so on.

Also, marketing skill which is a major determiner of your blogging success. let you learn the relevant courses on the web from free and paid sources.

Although, learning your skills around your niche is a continuous process. But you must keep it up on top of all your efforts. Because blogging means teaching something to your audience.

The "something" means your product or service value around your niche for users' problem solutions. Then, imagine, your blogging space must be a great source of your poetic storytelling platform for the audience.

2. Start A Blog (for Store or Affiliate Marketing)

While you're determined on your product, you might start a blog as an arm of your store marketing.

Then, you can build a store with Shopify. They provide a blog associated with the store. They have a simple and easy platform to get your unique store marketing platform.

In the case of affiliate marketing for vendors' product promotion, you'll have to create a blog on the WordPress CMS platform as the best option. Then, here are the steps below how you can create your blog site:

  1. Choose your domain name and blog name
  2.  Select an appropriate hosting service
  3.  Install your blogging platform WordPress
  4.  Choose your pretty professional theme
  5.  Start your site by customizing the professional design
  6.  Configure your blog with essential system plugins
  7.  Build your secure site with reliable security plugins

That's all.

3. Create Site Content around its Design

Just before starting your blog post on the blog, let it be finished with a significant design. Since your site is your brand, you have a chance to introduce a unique brand upon its worthy design.

Then, make sure your blog's architectural plan is final with significant categories. Eventually, you can start posting your SEO-friendly articles.

The number of article posts matters at your launching moment while connecting your site with Google first. At least one article per category is the best baseline for starting your content journey with the blog.

4. Monetize Your Blog

While your blog starts with store, that's ultimately monetized form of your blogging journey - needn't extra monetization process.

But your monetization process on an affiliate blog depends on the volume of audience engagement. It does not matter whatever the number of posts on the blog.

While your visitor data shows at least 20 thousand of real engagement, then you can start monetizing your asset. Otherwise, just wait up to the target volume, and get ready to harness the vendor's product on your blog.

5. Build Content Marketing Strategy

Since blogging is a great arm of content marketing, it deserves an adequate strategy to achieve a significant result. According to blog marketing data, a blog can boost its existing site traffic by as much as 434%. In that regard, content marketing strategy plays a vital role.

So, create a content policy that goes with the content marketing strategy for gathering more attraction, engagement, and retention. So that users get a great value and influence from the content. And users get enough value to share the relevant content (such as articles, videos, podcasts, and other media).

That's why it's important to make sure, here are the to-dos, whether you care about them in your blogging practice:

  1. Emphasize content quality rather than quantity.
  2. Care your every phase of SEO, such as technical, On-page, and Off-page.
  3. Content is original and establishes your expertise.
  4. Save time investing money, rather than invest time-saving money.
  5. Practice upper ROI on the applications.
  6. Promotes your brand and you use your brand value as well.
  7. Love new curves from the users' feedback if happens
  8. Do the posts & campaign maintaining the editorial calendar.
  9. Before usability on the suitable marketing channels.
  10. Audit your site performance regularly.
  11. Love to evaluate your competitors because they teach you new things.
  12. You love new data to master your content for better engagement. And so on.
  13. Multichannel content and marketing policy based on performance.

That'll the best if you give enough attention to every tactic under your blog marketing strategies.

6. Drive Continuous Traffic

The ways are -

6.1. Build Organic Search Traffic Stream

The largest source of web traffic is organic search traffic that comes through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO constitutes more than 80 percent traffic of a site. If you'd like to take the highest benefits from SEO, all you need to approach the to-dos as pointed here:

     (a) Domains selection:

Create a unique domain name that is brandable, easy to memorable, and SEO-friendly. Pretty remarkable that your SEO operation starts from your brandable domain selection.

     (b) Hosting selection:

Hosting huge matters on your overall SEO performance. Host your site in a reliable and reputed hosting provider who has top-notch speed and security on the server-side.

     (c) Assure Technical SEO:

Technical SEO is a very vital part of SEO that works as a backbone in the overall SEO performance. Here are some of the essential technical SEO To-Dos you need to set and fix:

  1. Keep up site design with professional UI and UX.
  2. Make sure of your on-site code base optimization.
  3. Audit your current ranking status.
  4. Keep your site structure optimized.
  5. Create your site mobile-friendly.
  6. Make sure you have good load time and optimized site speed.
  7. Always get ready to fix the server error quickly.
  8. Keep your robots.txt file optimized.
  9. Let your site footer be enough optimized without overload.
  10. Keep up an XML Sitemap.
  11. Use Structured data and schema for better SEO benefits.
  12. Keep your sidebar free from overload.
  13. Intelligent usage of .htaccess
  14. Practice your internal deep linking for Good SEO.
  15. Let your lower rank pages be internally linked with higher-ranking ones.
  16. Get ready to detox broken links always without delay.
  17. Minimize bounce rate as lower as possible
  18. Care Google E-A-T Strategy, and so on.

If you are not enough techie either to fix things properly, you might hire an expert from a freelance marketplace. Whether more or less, a huge number of sites on the web get laggard in SEO that is due to having these issues.

That is why the sites used to suffer from various troubles to reach the first FERP. So, let it be done for great profit from your blogging business.

seo traffic
   (d) On-page SEO:

Follow your best practice advance SEO techniques for each of the On-page optimizations with attractive unique content and story tone. Give each of the article lengths within 2K to 3K words.

In terms of the proper length of the article for readers, use SEO friendly permalink or URL, keep title length within 6 characters, and short-form of headings that friendly with mobile.

Also, keep the headings sequential, and make sure SEO-worthy distribution of focus keywords go naturally with the story.

Use organic semantic keywords, synonymous, and related log tail key phrases naturally with the content. Never forget to treat image optimization with file size, form, and alt tags inserting key phrases. In this regard, use reliable SEO tools, plugins, and services for impactful results.

Before going keyword input, make sure you do your competitive research for workable keywords, meta, headings, and statistical information around the unique topics.

And, so that you can secure your dominance with an upper presence one of the top ten results of the first page.

     (e) Off-page SEO:

Off-page SEO is an unpredictable complex part of the site. It belongs to deals such as link-building, social shares, online reputation, branded search encouragement, and E-A-T improvement as the priority for ranking dominance. 

Here, off-page refers to the site development-related process to be done outside of the website. It's all about aiming to achieve voting influence to the search algorithm for ranks.

Both users and search engines weigh out your website in terms of authority, credibility, popularity, and relevance. While your off-page SEO is done properly following the latest rules issued by the search engines, you must be rewarded with a better rank.

So, All your site visibility will be determined by a search algorithm that is engineered according to the users' intent. Here are some of the To-Dos you can follow to plan your role on the campaign:

   Backlinking: Give priority to achieving backlinks. Build backlinks based on quality, authority, and relevance. A single great quality link might be far better than hundreds of poor quality links.

So, batter to avoid jumping on the bulk links for unexpected worthless influence on the rank.
     ~ Make your site a worthy database
     ~ Find the broken link-building opportunity on your niche.
     ~ Build your backlinks by creating guest posts.

   Social Signals: Build your real presence on the social channels addressing your blog and promoting useful content. Timely and consistently strategic promotion of valuable content could make influence the users to boost share.

The likes, shares, upvoting and social engagement could improve social signal strength for ranks.

   Branded Searches:
This way refers to the users whether they search your site mentioning your site's brand name in search terms. Make sure you emphasize your blogging content that gets brandable assets and groundbreaking new content.

While your bonafide social profiles around the web become popular with a social presence, then branded searches get enough weight to the users.

  E-A-T Score: Developing a sitewide E-A-T score becomes one of the crucial jobs for SEO now. Because now it's Google's search also for YMYL topics. And it's one of the rank factors in terms of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness of the site.

So, make sure your content appears on your site with authentic topical focus, quality content with freshness, visible authors reputation, trustable design on UX & UI, and worthy strength over brand. maintaining these features will determine your health and financial site's ranking influence.

And finally, keep up sitewide content updating regularly. All these to-dos will build a workable blogging state for the continuous search traffic to the site.

6.2. Conduct Social Media Marketing

Social media has mass and vast traffic areas on the web, all you need to use your influence, adequate tools, strategy, and tactics for piling and driving traffic to the site.

The top recognized channels or platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and so on, all have become trusted sources for future customers.

SMM traffic

Strategically, each platform has unique traffic gatherings. You'll need to build a definitive social media marketing plan according to the feature of each platform.

Understand and conduct your hybrid marketing based on the requirement and demands of the places such as messengers, pages, groups or communities, timeline, and so on.

Following your strategic campaign policy, keep posting the unique content from your blog consistently. And link your blog topics in the vlogging channels as well, such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and so on.

Remember that, Social Media Marketing not only provides referral traffic to your site, rather helps to develop the site's authority, brand, personal brand, social signals, E-A-T score, SEO rank, and influencer marketing ability.

6.3. Confirm Email Marketing

From beginning to end, email marketing is still a very cost-effective loyal method. It helps to generate a revenue stream in your blog. Every single dollar investment in an email campaign can return you 44 US dollars.

So, lead generation, newsletter promotion, and professional email marketing campaigns are crucial opportunities to generate increased revenue from the blog. So, make sure you are educated and skilled with email marketing to take this advantage using your blog.

6.4. Consider PPC Ads

PPC ads are very cost-effective while you have adequate campaign expertise to set the retarget marketing. Everything is set to get ready going with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, or Pinterest PPC advertisement.

Strategically, PPC ads have a great role to earn high profit while you play high-profit affiliate marketing. You have scope to set your high-yielding PPC campaign targeting your specific demography, geography, and other particulars.

This method can use while you go to arrange an event marketing around your special offer. So, you might take this opportunity to enlarge the circles of real people while traffic-driving goes with the ROI-friendly policy.

7. Build Your Revenue Stream

Your high-profit workable niche, high-yielding blogging model, and mature traffic stream are the perfect determiner of your revenue stream.

blogging stats

Here are the two ways, you can increase your earning stream day by day:
First, optimizing the conversion rates: In this regard, let you identify the sweet points of boosting your marketing, sales, and conversion. And monetize every opportunities with your optimization tactics.

Secondly, Identifying and removing obstacles: make the income stream easy and simple. On your trial and error efforts,  remove all sorts of obstacles or difficulties from the existing marketing and sales system.

In both ways, investing high-performing tools and software to lift the revenue stream at an upper level.


Building a high-profit affiliate marketing or sustainable store marketing blog is a continuous process. It goes through trial and error. It's most appropriate for beginners while they initially stock knowledge that belongs to a tedious gap.

Since blogging is a cost-effective and knowledge business, there are no alternatives without storing experience and knowledgebase in your brainwork following an irresistible dream.

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