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10 Influential Factors Make A Logo Outstanding

A logo is not simply an image or a name. It is a symbol that represents your company and its values. A great logo is memorable, timeless, and unique. It should be something that can be recognized instantly, even from a distance.

How a logo of a blog, company or ecommerce store becomes an epic story of a business? Here's the attempt to show you the way that can transform an well composed imagery symbol into an amazing brand for a business.

The Impactful Factors That Play A Role in An Epic Logo

Before going through the factors of a successful logo, let's know some questions in that regards.

Is There Need a Logo in A Blog? 

An epic logo delivers the owner's desired message to the users. It leverages to get identity to trust you, recognize as a professional brand, relevancy of your practice, and intelligence in design. A brandable logo typically have an idea or "meaning" that conveys the desired message.

That is the power of branding, and a logo is crucial to developing that reputation. Having a distinctive logo gives your profession credibility, whether you're starting a blog or website online. In terms of blogging success, it aids in the development of recognition, credibility, and blog promotion.

How Important is a Logo in An Online Store?

By placing a logo, you may express to potential customers the excellence of your eCommerce store online and your deals on the site may get increased brand recognition. A logo, which is an important component of your brand, will make you stand out in your market and increase customer recognition.

However,  there are many factors work behind the role to make a logo amazing and great. Here are the top 10 most influential factors considerably work behind the successful logo:

1. Brandable

A great logo is brandable, which means it can become the identity of a company or product, easily recognizable and distinguishable from others. It should be something that can be built upon as the company grows.

logo brandability

A great brandable logo is appropriate for the company or product it represents. It should reflect the values and personality of the brand in a way that is relevant to the target audience.

2. Strong Balance

To create a comprehensive logo, designers need to make sure that all the elements work together in harmony and deliver the message they intended to while also being visually appealing. This is why strong balance is one of the most important aspects of an outstanding logo.

Achieving a strong balance doesn’t mean that all the design elements have to be placed perfectly in the center of the composition or have equal weight. Instead, it’s about creating a deliberate and well-thought-out distribution of “weight” across the whole composition so that all the design elements are pacified and interact peacefully with each other.

In most cases, designers use one of two methods to achieve a strong balance in their logos – either symmetrical or asymmetrical. And while both approaches can produce amazing results, each has its own set of pros and cons that need to be considered before making a decision.

3. Memorable

A good logo should be memorable. It should be something that people can remember easily and associate with the company or product.

Logos, by design, are supposed to be memorable. A great logo design must be memorable, unique, and not imitate any other existing logos. This is sometimes easier said than done. A designer may have to go through dozens or even hundreds of iterations before landing on a logo that is truly unique and iconic.

4. Unique Feature

A good logo should be unique, not derivative or generic. It should stand out from the competition and be immediately recognizable as belonging to the brand it represents.

epic logo

Unique feature makes a logo distinguished and eminent!

(1) The designer's uncommon creative ideas make the logo different from the others.
(2) A good use of negative space to create an interesting and unique logo mark.
(3) A color palette that is outside of the box, helping the logo to stand out from its competitors.
(4) A unique feature that makes the logo instantly recognizable and sets it apart from the rest.

5. Simple and easy shape

A great logo is simple, not complicated or busy. It should be easy to understand and remember. It includes quality :

(1) Minimalism in simplicity
(2) Scalability to define quality
(3) Readability of its appearance
(4) Timelessness that leads to ever-green quality
(5) So, it needs to be simple and easy to understand

6. Appropriate Color

Some colors leave a deep impression on people and some just pass by without touching anyone. It’s the same with logos. An appropriate color makes a logo look outstanding, and an incompatible one buries it in oblivion.

epic logo

For a health club, blue is not a worthy color because it represents serenity and fitness – two qualities that have nothing to do with sports. On the contrary, for a law company, blue embodies trustworthiness and responsibility, which are the first qualities their potential clients should know about them.

The next time you think about designing or redesigning your logo, don’t forget about choosing the perfect color for it!

7. Flexible

A great logo should be flexible, meaning it can be used in a variety of ways and on a variety of materials. It should work well in both digital and print applications.

The term “Flexible” applies to both the logo and the company. A good logo should be in use by the company in diverse contexts, and not just on their website or business cards.

It should be visible on their social media accounts, in newspaper advertisements, on billboards, at events that they sponsor, etc. It should be easy to print (and look good when printed in black and white), as well as work well when file types for digital use.

The company itself should also embody the quality of Flexibility. This means that they are open to change, even if it means changing their logo (although this is usually not necessary).

A good example of a flexible logo is the one used by Nike. It can be seen in multiple colors and contexts but remains recognizable.

8. Timeless

A good logo should be timeless, not trendy or dated. It should be something that can be used for years to come without looking outdated.

epic logo

Master your epic logo that tells timeless or evergreen feature!

An evergreen logo will never go out of style because it was never in repeated style, to begin with. That’s not to say that an evergreen logo is boring, but rather that it has a classic quality to it. Evergreen logos are often simple, which makes them easy to remember and easy to reproduce.

9. Scalable

A good logo should be scalable, meaning it can be used at any size without losing its impact or quality. It should look just as good on a business card as it does on a billboard.

A logo should be designed in such a manner that it can be applied to various mediums and still be visible and legible. For example, a company's name may look great on a billboard, but if the same name is used on a pen, would it still look good and easy to read? A good logo can be applied to various media with ease.

10. Typography

The typography of a logo can tell whether it is a good one or not by how it looks. Different typefaces represent different styles and personalities, which helps create an appropriate mood and atmosphere for users.

outstanding logo

Pick your bold and fabulous Typography that dominates!

For example, Choosing a classical typeface for a modern logo design would look very out of place. In addition, the readability of the font is also an important consideration – if the text is too small or illegible, it will not be effective.

Additionally, two more Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an Ideal Size of a Logo?

A typical guideline is to keep your signature image between 70 and 100 pixels high and no wider than 320 pixels. Your logo will look amazing on all mobile displays because almost all mobile devices are typically between 320px and 500px wide!

How I Can Hire a Professional Logo Designer Online?

Some internet marketplaces offer a professional logo design service. You may realize that a logo design is a tactical instrument if you are a wise business owner.

Whether you need a premium company logo, blog logo, or online store logo, the Fiver Freelance marketplace can help you create a distinctive logo for your brand.

You may hire a skilled logo designer on Fiverr to develop an amazing logo for your business. You can choose a freelance logo designer by looking at their prior work samples, considering the feedback from past clients, and rating the value of their gig packages.

Additionally, you may ask them via message for examples of recent projects they have completed as well as a discounted price. The freelance logo designer will deliver the logo online on time because your need matches and the order is fulfilled.


Understanding a logo can be aided by the top 10 essential elements. You may get an epic logo for your company to support your commercial success.

I hope this post help you to meet your logo goal - so that your great logo, which potential customers will remember, could help you build a unique brand equity.

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